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Epson EcoTank M2140 Review

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Epson’s Ecotank ink jet printers say goodbye to cartridges to be replaced by refillable ink tanks, lowering trouble and plastic material waste while significantly reducing working costs

Up to now the number included just home products, though the ET-M2140 is just one of three versions launched earlier in 2020 that focus on small companies and home workplaces

Epson has improved its EcoTank products to add a range of 4 mono printers directed at the SOHO (small office, office at home) market.

Plainly made to go up versus mono laser printers, the M2140 furthermore looks the component with its black and white colors, an simply reachable 250-sheet A4 documents input holder, and a compact but nice looking user interface with a 1.44-inch LCD on the top bar where the flatbed scanner can be found.

Other than those important features, it’s an easy to use, simplified machine that warrants your money by which includes two big containers of black printer ink in the box

epson ecotank m2140

Merged with a print out rate of 20ppm (pages per minute), this cartridge-free ink jet will be able to write pages as rapidly and cheaply like a laser

Although without Wi-Fi, as well as ADF (automatic document feeder), or perhaps Ethernet slot, could it truly assist a small home office?

First ink tank printers were usually full of troubles for example below average print quality plus poor print speeds, and lacking features like auto two-sided printing

This can be they were mostly created for home end users with easy requirements.

However everything has transformed quite a bit within the last couple of years, and the newer ink tank printers offer features and specifications which competitor even their laser-based counterparts

The Epson M2140 is one such ink tank printer. Offering a high print rate of 20 ipm (20.7 in my trials), it’s a black and white printer that could also handle scan and copy jobs.

Epson M2140 Ink Price $15

epson m2140 review
At this selling price you may imagine a couple of amazing features, but the Epson M2140 specifications is truth be told standard

There’s a 250-sheet paper input holder, also it can duplex-print on each sides of a page, but there’s no auto document feeder, so multipage duplicates could be a problems

There’s no fax hub or network connection, only USB, and there’s no slot in front for walk-up scans and prints. The standard user interface includes a colour screen and clicky membrane switches.

This is good and organized, but at first the menu options try taking a little second-guessing.

Due to the fact it’s only coming in at S$389, a few business-y functionality are missed, such as an auto document feeder and a facsimile machine

It’s also a USB-only product, meaning it’s really a non-public printer when compared to a printer that you share with some others across the network.

If you're able to get over these cons, well then you’ll be happy with the Epson ecotank M2140 strong points, that are its inexpensive printing rate and speedy print speed

Keep in mind, this is an ink tank printer, meaning like Epson’s other EcoTank products, just one bottle of black ink,  can print approximately 6,000 sheets

This means that, you're looking at a very affordable per print out here - just $0.0025!

Overall, the Epson EcoTank M2140 seriously plays with low-cost mono laser printers for quality and speed, also it trounces any laser in terms of operating costs

Quite a few may blanch at its large high quality over true rivals like HP’s LaserJet Pro M28w, however if you purchased that one MFP and put in the change from Epson’s selling price on toner, you’d still run out at approximately 10,000 sheets

The Epson ET-M2140, keep in mind, provides the capacity for 11,000 sheets in the box.

epson m2140 printer installation

However, we all still assume the Epson M2140 is actually basic to become high quality printer. With this, it really requires a network interface, an automatic document feeder, together with if at all possible a fax modem as well, all three are available in the Epson EcoTank M3180, which also released early on 2019. 

This is more quite expensive, by $112, however is worth the extra cost because of its productivity-minded functionality, and it’s still about as fast and economical to operate as the Epson M2140.

The printer also works with auto duplex printing, along with this mode, I acquired a great 9.1 ipm speed

Credit for the fast print speeds would go to the printer’s PrecisionCore printhead, an engineering that began in Epson’s business ink jet printers some time ago but has recently filtered down to consumer products.

The color display is installed on top, which is possibly easier to get into, even though it’s really really hard to view because the display screen is so reflective and it’s actually the size of a mailing stamp

Together with it are your controls and at the side of the machine is the just USB slot.

epson m2140 ink price
Print out quality-wise, text undoubtedly looks clear at an arm’s size, although not as full-bodied and clean at the sides compared to Canon imageCLASS MF269dw, a laser printer model that I been testing all at once

Even so, the Epson M2140 does one-up the Canon laser printer in the case of pictures, usually showing less banding problems. Surely, both printers are mono printers, so none would work if you want to print out colored.

The ink reservoir can be viewed through a window at the front side of the machine and above it is a flap covering the nozzle within that you fill the ink.

Epson M2140 Printer Installation

Installing the Epson EcoTank M2140 is done effortless by the on-screen asks and also clear printed guidelines

Without Wi-Fi to bother with, there’s little to do apart from wait Ten minutes for the printer to initialize plus load the ink tank from one of each ink bottles supplied.

It is really an easy and drip-free process since the nozzle of the bottle only will open up when it is inverted and installing snugly in the printer

You will see the printer’s ink level go up because the bottle empties.

One more thing I love about the Epson printer M2140 is that even with being an inkjet printer, the print-out never feel wet and heavy soon after printing

The color ink can also help to be smudge-proof and surprisingly water-resistant.

Similar to most Epson inkjet printers, Epson printer M2140  prints 5 test sheets so that you can look into the nozzle alignment

epson m2140 specification

Finally, you’ll must purchase a USB type-A to type-B data cable since there is no other method of connecting to the machine.

Epson EcoTank M2140 also very easy to cennected with Apple Macbook or Windows Laptop.

In operation, the EcoTank ET-M2140 is not hard to use despite the really small screen. It responds promptly to switch pushes and prints very fast from standby, just remember that the product is quite noisy when printing.

In conclusion, the Epson M2140’s most important draw is that it prints wording like a laser printer however at a tiny proportion of the price because of the reasonably priced ink

Additionally, it works with auto duplex printing to assist you cut back when printing multi-page paperwork

I only hope that Epson found ways to put wi-fi networking on the machine.
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