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Do Figs Scrubs Shrink When Washed? (Explained)

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Scrubs Medical Clothing

Fig scrubs shrink when washed and dried in a dryer. They also shrink in the wash when you use too much detergent.

If you want to reduce shrinking, use cold water and don’t put them in the dryer. 

You can also try using less soap or washing your sheets with vinegar instead of regular laundry soap.

Every hospital is a little different, so much so that even the simplest of things can be confusing.

FIGS scrubs medical apparel is a company designed to save you some trouble when it comes to searching for your scrubs or scrub tops.

They have a wide variety of medical clothing, from scrubs to scrub tops, pants, skirts, and more! Ordering with FIGS is easy and they have discreet shipping.

In the past, when hospitals were in need of medical apparel, they had to order from a catalog and wait for the delivery.

However, that is no longer the case with FIGS scrubs medical apparel. In fact, FIGS offers a complete online experience for purchasing medical apparel.

As an example of how easy it is, FIGS offers a pediatric scrub set in many sizes and colors.

Fig’s Scrubs is a new business focused on designing and producing medical apparel.

They currently have three products on the market: scrub tops, scrub pants, and lab coats.

Fig’s scrubs want to innovate the way medical professionals look for workwear by offering their products at a competitive price with an eye on quality.

Do FIG scrubs shrink?

Yes, it’s a common problem with those types of scrubs. 

The best way to avoid this is to wash the scrubs in cold water and hang them up to dry. This will help keep them from shrinking as well as prevent any fading on the fabric.

Do FIGS scrubs shrink or stretch?

Figures scrubs are made of cotton, which means that they will shrink if you put them in the dryer. 

However, if you wash them in cold water and hang them to dry, they should not shrink.

Feeling confident in our favorite scrub pants is essential to a fulfilling day of work. 

Knowing that they’ll stay up, look good, and feel comfortable is the key to relief.

Should you be concerned? Can scrubs shrink or stretch?

How do figs scrubs shrink or stretch? As you wash them, they will shrink. 

If you dry your figs scrubs after washing, they will stretch a little bit.

We all know that clothes can shrink in the washer and then straighten out again after they are hung up to dry.

The same thing happens to figs scrubs- as you wash them, they will shrink.

The fibers used in scrub pants are different from other garments, and they will either shrink or stretch.

In order to make sure your scrubs fit properly, you need to wash them before trying them on for the first time.

How do you shrink FIGS scrubs?

Scrubs are a great option for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers, but shrinking them can be a real hassle.

Most of the time scrubs shrink when you dry them in the dryer, but it is also possible that they shrunk while being laundered.

There are numerous ways to shrink scrubs prior to washing them by hand or in the machine.

Shrinking scrubs is easy and can result in a great cost-saving for any healthcare facility.

The first step is to wash the scrub sets in hot water with detergent, then tumble dry the scrub sets on high heat.

Remove them before they are completely dry.

Lay them flat on the floor, place something heavy on top of each, then leave them to cool overnight or until they are cool to the touch.

Many scrubs come with oversized, baggy sleeves. We all know this is not the trend of the season. 

So how do you make your scrub look more like a dress?

Is there an easy way to shrink them? Yes, you can!

The first thing you need to do is wash and dry your scrub tops. After that, lay them on some flat surfaces and iron them with the “wool” setting.

Are scrubs supposed to be baggy?

If you were a hospital worker, would you wear a pair of loose-fitting scrubs to work? If so, here’s a little history lesson on the issue.

The style of the day in 1980 was what is now called “straight-leg or boot cut” pants.

This style cut down on bulkiness and gave a smoother silhouette. In the 1990s, the fashion trend shifted to big baggy jeans that were worn with white sneakers and oversized T-shirts.

Have you ever looked at a doctor or nurse and wondered why the clothes they wear seem to be so baggy? Scrubs are not supposed to be baggy.

In fact, there is a specific sizing chart for scrubs that suggest a size small through XX-large or a size 1 through 14.

That means that scrubs should be made to fit snugly around the waist, have a comfortable length appropriate for movement, and have sleeves that reach just over the wrist.

It can be a little difficult to find clothes that fit well all over, but especially in the shoulder region.

If you’re a big person, this is a natural problem, and it affects your work clothes just as much as it does your everyday attire.

It’s important to have clothes that are not too baggy in order to maintain mobility and comfort levels.

How do you shrink FIG scrubs?

You might be wondering if your favorite pair of pants that you just bought is going to shrink after just one wash.

The answer to that question is yes. All clothes, whether they’re made out of cotton, polyester, or any other fabric, will shrink when washed.

The amount they’ll shrink by depends on the type of fabric and the amount of time they are in the washing machine.

If you’ve ever purchased scrubs for a medical profession, you know they can be expensive.

But if you wash them improperly, you might notice they don’t fit the same way after washing.

The sewing and fabric of scrubs can change in size and shape after washing them. This means your scrub top may not look as professional anymore once it has been laundered.

The importance of laundry detergent for scrub

When laundry day comes around, many people will choose the detergent they use based on how strong it is.

Although you can find detergents with bleach or other chemicals, there are also detergents that are eco-friendly and just as effective.

One way to tell if your detergent is working well is to test your clothes for shrinkage after washing.

If you notice your clothes shrinking after one wash, it’s time to switch detergents.

How to choose the right laundry detergent for scrub

Are you looking for the best laundry detergent for scrub clothing? Scrubs are often tougher to clean than other clothing items.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a detergent, such as a machine type and load size.

Detergents differ in their effectiveness at removing stains and protecting the fabric from damage.

Some detergents contain enzymes that help break down stubborn stains while others protect against fading or discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight.

The following tips will guide you through selecting the perfect laundry detergent for scrubs.

Choose an all-purpose detergent with stain removal properties.

All-purpose detergents work well on most types of fabrics including cotton, polyester, wool, silk, linen, rayon, nylon, spandex, acrylics, blends, etc.

They are also good choices if your clothes tend to get dirty easily because they can remove dirt without leaving behind any residue.

The importance of picking the right laundry detergent for scrubs

Many scrubs shrink when washed in dish soap, causing problems with length, fit, and comfort.

There are specific products made just for scrubbing garments, but these are few and far between.

This is a common problem for healthcare professionals due to the fact that scrubs are worn all day and have to be laundered daily.

Scrubs shrink when they are washed in dish soap because the fabric is full of polyester or nylon fibers that disappear when exposed to high temperatures.

Top 5 best laundry detergents for scrubs

Tide laundry detergent

In an efficient household, one thing is never far from another. This is true of the laundry room as well.

Laundry soap and bleach are often found in a home’s kitchen or bathroom cabinet, while a Tide bottle is usually found in the laundry room where it can be used to effectively clean clothes without shrinking them.

It was one question that made me wonder if Tide would shrink my clothes after washing them.

Downy laundry detergent

Fuzzy, unkempt clothes are not attractive.

Even if you don’t care what people think about how you look, it’s important to be clean and presentable.

One way to keep your clothing looking new is to wash your clothes with Downy Fabric Conditioner.

Downy has the tough job of making sure that your clothes are soft and fluffy.

Gain laundry detergent

How often should I wash my scrubs? It may depend on your hospital’s policy, but many hospitals require that nurses wash their scrubs every day.

This is to ensure that it remains clean and sanitary for use.

However, the fabric doesn’t shrink when washed. So, washing them more than once a week will only make them larger.

If this happens, they won’t fit as well or comfortably. You can also try using Gain laundry detergent instead of regular laundry detergent.

The detergent in this product helps remove stains from fabrics without shrinking them.

You should know that these clothes are not true to size and they will often stretch and become baggy.

No matter the weight of the fabric, it is important to wash them in cold water and dry them on low heat for maximum shrinkage.

If you do not have a washing machine or dryer at home, then you may want to consider using an industrial washer instead.

This type of washer uses hot water which shrinks the material more than regular machines.

Purex laundry detergent

Every day, many people make the mistake of washing their clothes with detergent.

There are many varieties of detergents that are made to clean clothing without shrinking it.

The most common way for this type of laundry to shrink is when it is washed with hot water.

Purex has a line of detergent specifically designed to wash clothes without shrinking them.

Fabreeze laundry detergent

Fabreeze laundry detergent is the newest product on the market to tackle pesky smells.

But does it work? Many people are skeptical of the efficacy of this new product.

However, Fabreeze promises to leave clothes smelling fresh and clean.

This new product promises to leave clothes smelling fresh and clean, without harsh chemicals or dyes that can irritate the skin.


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